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CHT store, pick and pack a multitude of product types and provide repack, reconfiguration and delivery services

When you store product with CHT, you can be sure it’s in safe hands. Our employees take the utmost care and respect for clients’ stock, an ethos that’s grown from our roots as a family business storing food products. We have purpose built storage facilities across the UK and stock is maintained on our customers' or our own warehouse management system - we have experience in several including SAP. Our experience helps our customers improve their supply chain as our ability to store pick and pack goods is supplemented by our ability to repack or reconfigure goods and to provide integrated transport solutions.

Inbound Supply Solutions

From booking deliveries, unloading, efficient put away and order processing, CHT has a wealth of experience in making product available for sale and despatch as efficiently as possible. With experience in managing imported containers and destuffing and palletising product,  and in running Bonded Warehouses CHT has the knowledge to assist customers to improve cashflow and profit through Low Cost Economy sourcing.

Storage solutions

CHT has experience in the design and supply of diverse storage solutions. From standard and non-standard pallets, to food raw materials and finished products, to boutique ecommerce shelf and rack storage, in ambient, temperature controlled, chilled and frozen warehouses. We have regular inspection by third party auditors, and additionally by BRCGS with respect to food warehouses.

Multi-channel picking solutions

CHT delivers a range of order management and picking solutions.  From bulk despatch to store-friendly picking, or managing retail and Amazon RDC picks, to voice pick or internet order fulfilment, we have a depth of experience in training, managing and delivering a wide variety of picking solutions.

Packaging and rework solutions

CHT has a range of specialist packing and rework knowledge. From reworking cases into CHT designed shippers destined for supermarket shelves, to pick pack and delivery of merchandiser stock, or bespoke hamper packing, or personalised wrapping and packing. CHT treats stock with all the care customers would hope for to deliver the exact packages customers need.

CHRIS HAYTER TRANSPORT services overview:

Pallet Storage

Repack, kitting and merchandising

Specialist warehousing food - bonded - chilled

Store-friendly picking

Internet picking

Container destuffing

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